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Triethanolamine (T.E.A)

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Triethanolamine T.E.A.

Triethanolamine (TEA) is a non-active ingredient considered not to have any effect on the skin but is only used to balance the pH of formulations and stabilise them. It has strong alkaline properties and can be used as an alternative to Sodium Hydroxide to neutralise carbomer-based thickeners.

Triethanolamine is present in many cosmetics and skin care products like moisturizers, lotions, mascaras, eyeliners, etc. It is a non-comedogenic compound that does not cause acne. Its chemical formula is C6H15NO3.

This ingredient is restricted in cosmetics to a maximum activity level of 2.5%.


Triethanolamine is used in a range of products in cosmetics, but it has no direct effect on the skin and hair. It is supposed to be an inactive ingredient that keeps the formulations usable and preserves the texture.

  • For skin care products, it is added to reduce the acidity or alkalinity of the formulations. Products that have neutral pH levels do not irritate the skin
  • In cosmetics formulations, it keeps the ingredients from separating. It is a great emulsifier that holds everything together to result in an ideal product
  • In hair care products, Triethanolamine balances the pH levels and acts as a thickening agent. It maintains an ideal consistency for a better spreadability of the product


  • pH regulator: Stabilises the pH of cosmetics
  • Emulsifying: Promotes the formation of intimate mixtures between immiscible liquids by modifying the interfacial tension (water and oil)
  • Masking: Reduces or inhibits the odour or basic taste of the product
  • Surfactant: Reduces the surface tension of cosmetics and contributes to the even distribution of the product when it is used

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Common Name: Triethanolamine T.E.A.
INCI: Triethanolamine
Appearance: Clear viscous liquid
Aroma: Faint aroma
CAS NO: 102-71-6
Solubility: Miscible in water
Typical usage level: up to 2.5%
pH: 7.5
Max Temp: Add to formulations in the cool-down phase when ingredients are 40ºC or below.
Note: This ingredient is restricted in cosmetics to a maximum activity level of 2.5%.
Safety profile: Triethanolamine is safe for skin and hair when used in lower concentrations between 1-3%. Concentrations higher than this may cause irritation and redness. A patch test is recommended before full application. Triethanolamine ingredient is not a carcinogen unless and until it is used along with N-nitrosating agents in a product. It is also vegan and halal.

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